Sunday, 29 October 2017

Have you ever watched a video on youtube? I know you all have watched. Did you upload any video to youtube? Sometime already done this before. How many views you got and how many subscribers you got?

Have you ever thought about why some videos getting millions of views and why all not like that? Before giving answers to this question, let me introduce youtube.

Youtube is world largest video sharing website and is owned by Google. There are millions and millions of videos have already stored on it and the collection is going increase daily. Now, most of the people have addicted to this and spend a lot of time to watch videos.

You can easily register to the youtube with your Gmail account. After sign in you can upload videos. Both Facebook and Twitter now trying to challenge to the youtube However, they still fail to do compete with this giant.

Youtube got the 2nd place in the Alexa Ranking bypassing Facebook. It means people now using youtube than facebook. Youtube receives over one billion daily visits and they hope this will increase in the future.
You don’t need to spend any money to upload videos to the youtube and its completely free method. Therefore many youtube superstars have raised. There are some popular YouTubers in the youtube and they make thousands of dollars with different methods

If you already have a youtube channel or hope to start a channel in near future this guide will help to take your channel to the next stage.

Create a plan before record your video.
You should have a proper plan to implement your channel. Plan how to shoot a video and what kind of camera for do it quality. Your video should not too long and rich in content. Keep always mind the word ‘short and sweet’. Don’t think about trending ways. Believe your talent and produce great video according to your own system.
Do a research and study what other top specialists did. I suggest you take a paper and note down important facts. Then you can shoot the video by reminding those things.

Include a Great Title
The title is the first few words seen by the people. Don’t put long titles. Always try to keep your title under 50 characters. Produce a descriptive and engaging title because it plays a major role in SEO. Therefore you must include targeting keyword under this title. Use Google Adwords to select the best title. Where you can see most people searched keywords in recent past. Keep in mind to don’t repeat the same word again and again.

Channel Customization is very important
Before uploading videos to the youtube, I suggest you customize all the things in your dashboard because this factor helps people to trust you and identify you. Upload an eye-catching profile picture and cover photo. Add your bio short with correct information. Make a custom URL for your channel and this looks channel professional.

Optimize Video Description
Like title plays a major role, description plays another important role to rank your video on top. Always include a well-written description for each video. You should include the targeting keywords to this description again. If you want to refer your viewer to another website, include it in this description.

Eye-Catching video thumbnails attract many users
When browsing a something on youtube you like to click the most beautiful thumbnail included video. Actually, this is a nice trick to get more views. Add an eye-catching thumbnail to the front.

Meta tags are very important to exposure to the world
When uploading a video to the channel, in the bottom part you can see an option to include meta tags. You must provide tags related only to your title. These tags can be a search keyword of anyone to show your video in his result page. If he took the wrong video for his result definitely he dislikes your video and leaves it. Therefore suitable tags are important. You can again use google adwords to find relative tags. You can include secondary keywords with these tags

Under Five minutes is the best limitation
Research has proofed the videos under five minutes perform better than long times. Everybody loves to take his necessary thing in a short manner. So, schedule your video under 5 minutes.

Frequently uploading keep your audience stay for a long time
If you upload videos regularly with short intervals there is a huge opportunity to get subscribers easily. You can see many top YouTubers frequently update their channels with fresh things. Try to upload 2-3 videos per a week or make a uploading schedule. This may be one video per week. This method helps to any viewer watch your next videos again and again.

Ask call to Action from viewers
You can ask your visitors to subscribe your channel and share it in every social media channel. You can say follow your other social media accounts too. I saw many top vloggers do the same thing in their videos.

Connect with other YouTubers in your niche
Do you still think niche YouTubers are competitors? Actually, it is a wrong mind. Your niche related vloggers are the best friends because they can drive additional traffic to your channel.
Please connect with them and build up a friendship. You can mention them in your channel. With this method, they will also mention you in their videos. This is a win-win situation and both can get more benefits.
There is an option to add the related channel in the dashboard. You can add your niche channels to it and they also can include you to their list. This will awesome to get traffic for both.

Share your videos on every social media channel
I recommend you to start social media profiles with the name of your channel. This will help you to drive a lot of subscribers and traffic. Nowadays you can’t plan any online business without social media marketing.
Start a facebook fan page and get likes from your targeted audience. You can use Facebook ads to do that easily. Set a budget and promote your page with Facebook ads.
Start a twitter account and follow people in your niche. Tweet regularly and use hashtags correctly. Learn tips and tricks to increase your follower count
Google plus pages and LinkedIn are the other two social media channels you must work on. Try to develop your channels with learning tips and tricks from the experts.

Add “subscribe” button to your website
If you have a website, you can use it to get more subscribers. Find plugins and widgets to apply subscribe button. You can easily find by searching google

Getting more subscribers helps to get more views. Definitely, you can earn more money with a lot of views. I recommend you to apply those things to your channel. Always make high-quality videos with great content.

Here are some few other tricks also can apply to get more subscribers,
1)      Create an awesome engaging channel trailer
2)      Use tools like ‘Tube Buddy’ to share your videos to social media
3)      Using nice intro and outro keep people with your video
4)      Don’t put unusual things in videos and edit correctly
5)      Read related blog posts and learn how to succeed with youtube

When receiving a large number of views, you can think about monetization part. I will bring a post on how to make money with youtube in near future. Therefore please share this blog post in your social media profiles.

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Thursday, 26 October 2017

When I’m writing this blog post, we are in the last two months of 2017. That means we are in the last stage of this year. It’s no longer to welcome 2018.

Did you plan what you are doing in 2018? I hope now you are planning to success your works in the next year. I suggest you to list “Start a Blog” to your responsibilities in the coming year.

If you an already blogger, you should plan how to develop your blog to the next stage. I mean you should plan how to achieve success in driving traffic, community creation around the blog, make more money etc.
In this post, I’m going to talk about why you should start a blog in 2018 and how it beneficial to you.

Nowadays both vlogging and blogging become fashion. Many people write blogs and some are starting youtube channels to distribute their knowledge to others. The success in both blogging and vlogging depend on how great content develops and market it.

If you are a specialist in any niche I recommend you to start a blog with youtube channel to share your valuable knowledge with others.

If you have done blogging earlier, you know how your lifestyle was changed with blogging. Why I’m saying that there are plenty of advantages in blogging.

You Can Make Money
In the modern developed world, you can't do anything without money. You can make your blog into income source with hard working. To make a good income, you should work seriously and dedicate to it. There are many bloggers who make thousand dollars per months.

There are many blog monetization methods and few famous methods are:
1)      Google Adsense
2)      Affiliate Marketing
3)      Selling Services and products
4)      Sponsored reviews

As a newbie blogger, anyone can succeed with above methods. So remember blogging can change your whole life.

Your Writing Skills will Develop
When doing any blog continuously the writing skill of the author automatically developed. With my past experiences, I can well write a new blog post that I was in the beginning. So, I can say definitely your writing skills will grow with experiences. There is huge market for writers in freelancer websites. You can make money for well-written articles. You can become a journalist in newspapers as well as a guest blogger for other popular blogs. So, this makes you become more famous in your niche.

You Become a Researcher
To write a better blog post, the author should have advanced knowledge about the topic he is going to write. Therefore you need to do research. You have to read books and other famous blogs to gather knowledge. When writing more and more blog post you automatically become mature in your study area. To become a pro blogger you need to do increase your research area

You will Find New Friends
When updating regularly, traffic of your blog gradually increases with time. That mean lot of people coming to read your blog post. These people comment on your blog and ask a question from you. Which mean you are dealing with new friends. You will find experts and beginners in your niche. You need these friends to take your blog to next stage.

If you provide great content they automatically subscribe and follow your blog. With the time you can make a community around your blog.

If you have added social media follow buttons on your blog, they will automatically become fans. You should talent to build a relationship with those people. Blogging becomes more happy work when receive inspires from these people

It’s a Hobby
We always like to do things we love. With selecting a niche you loved, it's always motivating to do blogging again and again. With the time this work becomes a hobby for you. Definitely, you will enjoy your work.

You will Become a Time Manager
I have said earlier, blogging need lot of time and passion. You have to wait until getting success. You have to publish blog post one per week or two. Many success bloggers publish blog post according to a timetable. If you publish once per week, you have to gather information and convert this information to a blog post within a week. You should separate 1-2 in hours in each day. So you have to change your daily works according to it. You will learn how to manage time with blogging.

You Thinking Ability will Rise
Talking about the competition in the SERP, there is a really difficult to come on top in google. You have provided different titles and should target different long-term keywords to get organic traffic.Therefore you have to think different. You also need to provide a different kind of articles to attract more people. These things sure develop your thinking ability

There are many benefits of starting a blog. Few of them were talked about above. If you still not start your blogging journey, I recommend you plan to start your blog in next year. You should plan about these things:
  • Selecting the best niche
  • How to get a custom domain name
  • How to get hosting to your blog
  • What you write in your blog
  • How to drive traffic
  • How to earn money from your blog

In the next blog posts I hope to talk about those things, So, please share this blog post in every social media network and don’t forget to share your questions and post review in comment section below

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Starting a blog is an easy thing. However, driving traffic is not an easy thing. Many bloggers always try to increase their traffic. Therefore, they find new ways to drive good traffic from other resources. Blog commenting is a popular method to drive traffic and make high-quality backlinks. These backlinks definitely increase your google rank for different keywords

Today I bought a list of websites which allow you to comment on their posts. These all websites are commentluv plugin enabled blogs and they are good in Alexa rank.

Commentluv is a WordPress plugin which allows readers to make comments on their blog posts. In this comment section, you should enter your name, email address, and website link. Adding your email address means you will automatically subscribe to their newsletter. Therefore you will receive latest blog posts from the subscribed blog. Adding website link is a huge advance to us because it makes a backlink to our website. As well as when someone clicks your name in the comment section, the user definitely redirects to your website. Therefore you will receive good traffic through your comment.

You must select niche related blog commenting sites to comment. Here I’m giving you my internet marketing blog list. Sometimes this will not suitable for your niche. However, this will definitely help you to create awesome backlinks.

I request you to don’t spam on these sites and try to make good comments which help you to attract more people and get more traffic.

Commentluv Enabled Blog Commenting Sites List


This is my list. Sometimes, you will know more sites to comment. Please mention them in below comment section.

Don’t forget to share this blog post in every social media network.

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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Nowadays, blogging becomes a fashion in many countries. People are doing blogging for many purposes. However, few of them make money by doing blogging. some bloggers make 50$ - 100$ monthly with blogging and most pro bloggers make 1000$ - 1500$ easily with this method.

You know there are several methods to earn money through blogging. CPC/CPM, affiliate marketing, sponsored reviews, selling services and selling sponsorship are those famous methods in the blogosphere. If you are still a newbie blogger, you can't make money by selling affiliate products or selling sponsorship in the early stage, because it needs a good traffic and that’s why newbie blogger can't make a lot of money in the early stage.

CPC and CPM advertising networks are the ideal choice when you just start your blog. Do you remember, once I said, Google Adsense is the best adverting network for blogger?
If you missed that article read below why I said you must try Adsense,

Getting Approval of Adsense is not an easy task for any blogger. Especially, most newbie bloggers fail to get an approval of Adsense and they don’t think other alternative adverting network. So, they left from blogging.

If you are newbie blogger or AdSense featured blogger, I recommend you to try AdSense alternatives. I recommend you to try
In an earlier post, I mentioned how to join Popcash. You can also read it by following the link below

Today, I brought you another Google Adsense alternative and I hope this will make you feel happy.

Revenuehits Review 2017

Revenuehits is a performance-based advertising network and you need to click ads on your website to get paid. So, this advertising network will awesome, when you receive a good traffic.

Revenuehits also a geo-targeted and contextual ad network, where your advertisements will show according to the country of the visitor.

How to join Revenuehits?

Joining to the revenuehits is really simple and it’s 100% free. Following link below will guide to sign up to the revenuehits and you can make earning today itself,

How to work on Revenuehits?

Working on Revenuehits is really simple and you don’t need special knowledge to understand its dashboard. You can create an advertising banner to your website by selecting “placement” button.
There are several ad Formats to select,

•      Banners
•      Popunders
•      slider
•      shadow box
•      Top Banner
•      158*21 button
•      Footer Ads

There is high conversion rates and great revenue for Shadow Box and I recommend you to select advertisements according to your pleasure

In the selection of Ad formats, you need to enter ad size and description. Please fill those things and don’t put spaces in the sign-up form.

After successfully sign up, you can get your ad code by selecting “</>” button

Payment Methods

There are several payment methods in revenuehits and you can select the best method according to easiness

•      Paypal
•      Payoneer
•      Wire Transfer

Here, minimum payout is 20$ for both Paypal and Payoneer and 50$ for wire transfer.

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Thursday, 1 June 2017

Sri Lanka

We know Sri Lanka is a small island in the Indian ocean. However, this small island is a nice place to travel and tourism. There are so many beautiful destinations to travel and most of these places are gives us an unforgettable experience.

Sri Lanka is also a tropical country. There are some beautiful mountains in the center of the island. These central hills have helped to make a huge rainfall to the country. Therefore so many famous rivers have started their journey since these central highlands

Dunhinda Falls Route

Dunhinda Falls is a famous waterfall within the Sri Lanka and all over the world. It located near Badulla town and you need to travel about 5km since Badulla by bus. You have to cross a forest before reach to the waterfall.

According to many travelers, Dunhinda was their favorite waterfall ever they watched. Actually, it is a really nice to watch and it always makes really awesome feelings.
Dunhinda is tall about 64 meters and we can see water dew drops are spraying everywhere, that is why local people call this as “Dunhinda

Do you plan to travel Sri Lanka? If yes, Don’t forget to travel this little place. You can travel train, beauty bus or your own vehicle to reach from Colombo. Traveling by train to Badulla is an awesome experience to anyone. As well as you can watch the beauty of the central highland when travelling by train.
I hope you will mark this location as your next destination.

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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Sri Lanka cricket board has announced their squad for upcoming champions trophy cricket tournament. They have selected 15 players and most of them are good experienced players
Here is the Squad they announced,

1)   Angelo Mathews(Captain)
2)  Upul Tharanga(Vice-captain)
3)  Dinesh Chandimal
4)  Niroshan Dickwella
5)  Nuwan Pradeep
6)  Asela Gunaratne
7)  Chamara Kapugedara
8)  Nuwan Kulasekara
9)  Suranga Lakmal
10)   Lasith Malinga
11) Kusal Perera
12) Kusal Mendis
13) Thisara Perera
14) Seekkuge Prasanna
15) Lakshan Sandakan

Angelo Mathews has taken the responsibility of captaincy. He was suffering from a serious injury in last few months and now he is good conditions to face the challenge.

Upul Tharanga will open the inning with Kusal Janith or Niroshan Dikwella. Tharanga has good experiences in the England and who has made some awesome scores in the past. Tharanga also played well in the recent series against South Africa and he was able to make a nice century in the 4th ODI.

Niroshan Dikwella is in really good form and hopes he will start the campaign with Tharanga. Kusal will test if Dickwella or Tharanga fail in the first game.

Dinesh Chandimal will play as a middle player with Asela Gunaratne who is playing nicely in the present. Hope young Kusal Mendis play at No 3 and Sri Lanka expect more from this little boy. Mendis made a great century in the second match against Bangladesh which held in march.

Thisara Perera and Chamara Kapugedara also made comebacks after failures in the recent few years. Sri Lanka expects all round performs from Thisara and they like to use Kapugedara's experience in the middle of the Inning. Both Players are awesome hitters against the bowl.

The Good news is Lasith Malinga come back again to ODI games. Malinga is performing really well in IPL and now he is fit to bowl. Malinga has already made his contribution to Mumbai Indians team as a bowler.

Sri Lanka Cricket board also picked Suranga Lakmal, Nuwan Kulasekara, and Nuwan Pradeep as fast bowlers. Hope Suranga Lakmal will start bowling with Malinga. England conditions are really good for Suranga and hope he will do a better contribution. Most of the time Mathews will pick Pradeep for getting as the pacemaker.

Seekkuge Prasanna and Lakshan Sandakan are the only spinners in the squad and hope Sandakan will select to the playing 11. Seekkuge can do good contribution as all rounder and sometimes his ability will check in the first game.

Sri Lanka Cricket team will face South Africa Cricket team on 3rd of June in the Oval CrickeT team. We can expect a challenging game on that day.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

When talking about affiliate marketing, it is the best way to earn a decent income through the internet. There are so many affiliate programs are available and most of them don't need money to join. Shoutmeloud blog owner Harsh Agarwal who makes thousands of dollars from these affiliate marketing techniques. Problogger founder Darren Rowse also makes millions of dollars from affiliate marketing. I believe this is the method which is the easiest way to earn huge income for anyone. However, you have to work hard to gain success.

Today I am discussing here the topic that related to affiliate marketing. I bought a new tool that can use for social media marketing and for make money. This is an awesome affiliate network called “SocialPilot”

This is a very important online tool for every blogger and social media managers. Actually, socialPilot is social media automation tool and that can use for schedule your social media posts without sign in. You have do is just connect your all social media channel to the dashboard and manage them without wasting your valuable time. As well as your data also will save.

There are some attractive facilities for schedule your posts and you have to pay some money to unlock special features. I recommend every internet marketer should use SocialPilot tool.

Now, we can talk how to make money with this affiliate program.

SocailPilot Affiliate Program Review

SocialPilot pays 10$ to every member who signs up to the system and you will gain 30% recurring commission for subscriptions. Try to join new friends through your referral link and both you will receive benefits.

SocialPiot also provides varies banners and links to promote on your websites. When any visitor click those banners, he or she automatically reach to socialPilot website and they will track your affiliate link to make payments

SocialPilot Payment Methods

You should have more than 25$ to request a withdrawal. Sign up is 100% free and payments available once per month. They only pay through Paypal

I hope you will enjoy this affiliate program and don’t forget to share this blog post.

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Saturday, 15 April 2017

Among the millions of websites, there are some websites that called ‘forum sites’. Where you can ask questions and reply to questions asked by others. However, there are some differences between Q&A sites and Forum Sites.

You can use these forum sites to drive good traffic to your blogs. When talking about traffic driving techniques, this forum traffic always in the top of the lists.

Forum Signature

Many online forum sites which allow signature facility and you can use this signature to drive traffic to your blog. When you reply to someone's thread, your signature will allow in the bottom of your reply. Anyone can click your signature and they will automatically come to your site. Join to these forum sites which allow signature facility and put your website URL to it.

Start a new thread

You can simply start a thread which related to your blogging niche. Anyone can see your thread and definitely they will follow your signature. You can start threads which related to your blog posts and you can put your link as resources.

Reply to others

When replying to others, you will easily become more popular among forum members and your good replies can make huge traffic through your signatures

Be active

You need to be active to drive traffic from forum sites and you can simply separate few minutes to this work. Always remember “more active make more traffic”

Reply to Old threads

Replying to old posts make notifications to subscribers and they will sure check your reply. Then those threads will discuss more and you will get more reputations as well as traffic

Contact New People

There are thousands of people active on those forums and this is a good place to make the relationship between them. Contact experts and professionals in your niche and they will follow your website.

Always remember not to do spam things in these forums and make your brand efficiently. you should work hard and keep active every day. Be intelligent and share your knowledge with others.
Here I brought some forum list that related to internet marketing

Top Internet Marketing Forum Sites









9)  Ewealth

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Friday, 14 April 2017

Google Adsense is the best cost per click advertising network on the internet. There are many other advertising networks which don’t pay enough money for a click. Google Adsense have paid millions of dollars for bloggers and where high ratings for clicks.

Apply for a google AdSense is a really easy work. However, getting approve is not an easy task for newbie bloggers. You should follow google Adsense rules and regulations before applying for this. Nowadays it has become a dream to approve for any blog.

You have to follow some important guidelines before applying to this network. Today I’m going ti discuss those guidelines and hope you will follow these things

Buy a Custom Domain Name

Having a custom domain name gives you good chance to approve and which is really important to SEO. You have to bought custom domain name and I recommend you to buy a custom domain from Don’t apply to Blogspot domains.

Maintain a Good Traffic

This is another important thing to discuss. You need some traffic to click any advertisement. Without any traffic, your blog looks like bus which doesn't have passengers. Google don’t accept low traffics and you have to wait until getting some traffic to your blog. You need about 100 page views for a day. Your blog needs organic traffic which comes from search engines and doesn't try to get fake traffics. Social media traffic is not allowed to consider.

Design of your blog

Google team manually check your applications and they consider about the good design in your blog. Make your blog so easy and attract to visitors. Remain only important plugins and widgets which help to increase the load time of your blog. keep enough white spaces with free.

Well written blog posts

You must write at least 400 words for each blog post and that really helps to drive organic traffic. Short contents have no future and long blog posts have many advantages. Try to add well-written posts with 2000 words. You have to always remember “content is king”

Add Important pages to Your Blog

Pages like About us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions are much needed for except for the AdSense. Adding these pages make a trusted to the site and your blog community. Don’t forget to include valuable things in those pages

Remove duplicate Contents and Images

Some bloggers easily copy and paste articles from other blogs. This is an ugly thing and Google really angry with those websites. Don’t keep this bad habit, remove all duplicate content before applying to the Adsense. You must have unique rich contents. Also, don’t upload images that have in google or other social media networks. Try to make your own images, Videos, and Infographics

Your Country and Region

Some places and countries in the globe where google don’t allow AdSense. Especially war counties and other terrorist places will not accept by the Adsense team.

Age of Your blog

You can’t get Adsense in your first week or month. You should be patient and keep blogging at least 2-3 months. When you make 15-20 nice article after few months you can apply to the AdSense.

Language & Grammer

Google only accept few languages for giving their service. So you must check whether your language suitable for the AdSense and check Adsense approved languages here.
When you write an article on your blog where you have to consider grammar of your written words. Always try to write according to the grammar

Don’t connect with Bad sites

Connecting to the sites like Porn, ReomveSex and Gambling sites which make a signal to lose your AdSense application. You should always try to connect with well written famous sites and bloggers

Remove all other unusual things on your blog

Don’t apply adsense when you have any other advertisng network in your blog. This will really helps to reject you from the business. Separate advertisng spaces to the adsense and try to keep your blog rich with free spaces

After create according to these steps you can apply to the adsense. I’m sure you have 95% to success.
However, sometimes your application will reject. don’t worry and there are so many blog income resources in the internet. You can use Infolinks, Chitika or other advertisng network as adsense alternatives.

You can apply again in few months and don’t do same mistake again and again. 

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Thursday, 13 April 2017

We know facebook is the largest social media network and the largest community on the internet. Therefore, we can easily use this community to get some traffic to our websites. You can create a facebook page in few minutes and which helps to connect more than 5000 people. When you use facebook account where can't add more than 5000 people. There are one billion facebook users in the world. So, you can't think any marketing method without facebook.

Making a facebook page is really easy to work but get more like is not an easy work. You have to work hard to get more likes. There are some most popular tips and tricks to get real facebook likes. However, there are some fake methods and we don’t like to discuss those methods because you should get real likes. You should not worry about the number of the likes that you have. Your main target should get real and niche likes.

Let’s talk about tricks that I mentioned earlier,

1)   Add Facebook Like Plugin or Widget to Your Blog

Adding facebook likes box to your blog is the best way to get some real likes. There are many plugins and widgets that can use on your blog or website. This is a nice method where your blog receives good traffic. I recommend you to add this likes box in the right sidebar on your blog. Welcome Popup likes box is another good method to get likes.

2)  Invite Friends to Like your Page

This is a simple method and you can invite all your facebook friends to like your page. You can get 100-250 likes without any tired.

3)  Invite Email Contacts

This is another good way to get some likes. If you have some email contacts, invite all of them to like your page by emailing them.

4)  Make More Admins

Adding more admins to your page is a super way to popular your page among the facebook users. These all admins can invite their friends to like your page. As well as they can invite all their email contacts. Adding more admins which help to reach more people because it's easy to update regularly with different admins.

5)  Create Attractive Cover Photo

Uploading a colorful cover photo is a good way to attract more people to your page. Reaching more people definitely help to get more likes. You can use photoshop to make a cover photo and there are many online tools available to do this.

6)  Make Your Facebook Page URL as your Email Signature

If you contact more people with emails, you can add your facebook page URLinto Email Signature. I’m sure people will click your link and they will able to like your page too.

7)  Share Your Page in Other Social Media

Often, we use Google Plus, Twitter, and Linkedin for many purposes. Why you don’t use these social medias to drive more people to like your page? This is a nice trick to experiment and I’m sure you will success with this tip

8)  Try to Get More Engagements

Getting more engagements helps to reach more people to your page and that is another awesome way to get more likes. Always post shareble contents and upload infographics. People will always like to share new things and getting engagements help to reach more people to your page.

9)  Paid Facebook ads

This is the last step you have to try. In this method, you have to separate budget and you can get about 1000 likes for 8-10$. The importance of this method is you can 100% select your target audience and don’t want to wait a long time to see results.

So, I hope you will enjoy these things and don’t forget to share this blog post in all social media channels. I will write more things about social media marketing in the near future.

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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Everybody know affiliate marketing is a great way to earn a decent income from the internet. People still think they can't do affiliate marketing without a website. Actually, the truth is we don’t need any website to do this method.

Twitter is the second most famous social media network after facebook. There are millions and millions of users use this social media network daily for different purposes. Every Celebrity, business or brand name has their own twitter account to spread their messages to the world. So, we can find popular products and persons on this twitter.

Nowadays any company or brand name paid a lot of money to promote their value through this popular social media network. Therefore people doing following these famouse persons in their interesting niche.

To attract many people and for doing affiliate marketing you need that kind of internet marketing twitter account to sell your clickbank products

First, you must build about 1000 followers which should relevant to your niche. You must try to get more followers and engagements from them. After building a strong community where you can start your promotion works

Before promote clickbank products that you need registered clickbank account. If you don’t have clickbank account or you first heard clickbank today, i recomment use below link to register to the clickbank

After registering works you can promote products which relevant to your niche. Always try to promote most popular and trending items because people always love to experiment new things like tools, ebooks or softwares. Therefore, choose some best products that you most love. Think click “promote” button on the right side to get hoplink which is similar to referral link. There should have a hoplink according to your registered name. After getting the hoplink you need to shorten your hoplink by using link shorten service like

After shorten using you can make relevant tweets to promote the item you have chosen earlier
Copy paste some words from the product description and tweet it including hop link that you were shortened. Definitely, people will attract if there have some relevant hashtags. As well as you will get more impressions and engagements where you use these hashtags correctly to your niche. You must only add relevant hashtags to your niche.

Keep tweet 4-5 times daily and separate 30-40 minutes daily for this process. Use twitter management tools to create tweets easily. Actually, this process can make you 30-100$ for a week and try to separate mare time to twitter.

I should say many of the people still wasting their valuable time on twitter and other social medias. So, please share this in every social media sites where people need to make money online. Therefore, you have work inteligent and don’t do spam methods like fake traffic or other illegal methods.
People still don’t think how much they can earn with affiliate marketing. There are many other affiliate networks like clickbank and I like to tell more stories about those affiliate networks. Wait until my net posts and read our latest articles below

Monday, 10 April 2017

We know many bloggers earn a decent income with blogging. They have plenty of ways to earn money from their blogs. Affiliate marketing, Google Adsense, Sponsored reviews, Direct Advertising are those blogger income resources. If you are a newbie blogger you can't earn much income with these famous methods because you need huge traffic to success with these famous trends
Most newbie bloggers always like to get AdSense to their blogs. However, google Adsense don’t approve all blogs to give their CPC advertisements. Nowadays getting an approval of google AdSense is not an easy method. You have to work according to AdSense approval rules and should do hard work to success.

Many bloggers retire from blogging after disapproval of AdSense. I like to say those bloggers, never give up and keep doing your blog because there are several income resources to earn money from blogging.

Popcash is one of the best ways to earn money from blogging. I have already made 20$ in last month with this CPM advertising Network. The key thing is popcash approve all bloggers in every country and every language you are writing. So you don’t need to worry about the condition of your blog. You can earn money in starting days.

After registered to the popcash your application will approve within 24 hours. After the approvement, you can easily copy paste your banner code. After that, you can think how much earn for a day.
When your blog receives good traffic, your impressions will definitely increase and your earnings will grow rapidly. So, your main target should drive traffic to your blog. Try to get organic traffic with SEO and other methods. Fake traffic driving methods and bots are available for getting impressions.

With my experience, i can say popcash is the best way to earn money today itself. That’s why many Indian and Sri Lankan bloggers highly attracted to this CPM network.
You only need just 10$ to withdraw your earnings. Paypal and Payza are the only payment methods they approved.

Like other affiliate networks, popcash has their own referral program.Definitely, earnings will increase when you refer your friend to this system. You will receive 10% commission from your referrals. Therefore you should try to refer more people to this system.
If you are suffering from low traffic or newbie blogger definitely I recommend you to start your earnings with popcash. So don’t waste your valuable time to other CPC networks and use above link to Register.

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